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Admitting Privileges Lawsuit Being Dropped

A lawsuit concerning a law that requires physicians who perform abortions to have admitting privileges at a hospital within 30 miles is coming to an end as MKB Management (Red River Women's Clinic) and the state of North Dakota are reaching a settlement.

Sanford Health has granted hospital admitting privileges to the abortionists used by the Red River Women's Clinic, the only abortion facility in the state; though the abortionists do not have privileges to perform routine abortions at Sanford. According to an article in the Fargo Forum, a Sanford executive said that their decision follows a longstanding practice of "open privileges" at the hospital. Cindy Morrison, a Sanford executive vice president said that, "Sanford does not take a position on the issue and we do not perform abortion on demand." Morrison went on to say that, "physicians, whether employed by Sanford or not, have the right to practice within our hospital as long as they meet certain educational, training, certifications and other quality metrics at the time they apply for privileges."

Physicians are supposed to be healers, and anybody who destroys life for money can hardly be considered a healer. While we are glad that this law is going into effect, we are saddened that unborn children will continue to be killed in Fargo. Abortion is never safe, not when one of the two people going into the abortion never makes it out alive. We can only hope that this law will help prevent another needless death.

To view the full Forum article, follow this link:

Why Am I Pro-Life? Part 2

There are so many reasons I am pro-life it will be difficult to distill them into one blog post but here goes. The most basic reason why I am pro-life is because I have yet to hear a compelling argument explaining why one human being has the right to legally end the life of an innocent human being.

A new human life begins at fertilization according to scientific evidence as written in embryology texts. The most basic of human rights is the right to life, when that right can be legally violated in some circumstances what prevents this right from being violated in all occasions? If human rights begin at a point in time other than when we become human they cannot be rights. As this new life has begun but no rights are afforded to this new life it is obvious that human rights either do not exist or these rights are not being respected. A right is not something received it is something possessed inherently; anything that is not granted at the first moment of human existence is not a realized right, but merely a privilege. Privileges can be taken away, because privileges are granted by another institution or being. Human rights cannot be taken away; they can either be respected or violated.

The reason I am pro-life is because I believe that every person is inherently valuable; a life does not gain or lose value simple because a certain developmental milestone has or has not been met. I am pro-life because life was chosen for me by my parents. They showed me love and have treated my life as a blessing, they watched over me from the moment I was born six weeks premature, weak, and helpless. At my age most children were still unborn, why was my life more valuable because I had been born? It makes no sense location is no indicator for value yet it was illegal to kill me yet a child my age who had not been born could have still been legally been aborted.

I am pro-life because every argument for the right to choice to have your child killed assumes that only one life is present; however science shows that two lives are present. Arguments for abortion such as “every child a wanted child” or “my body, my choice” do not recognize the scientific realities that two (or more in the case of multiples) human lives are present the mother and her child, and if we were really going to put the former statement into effect we would show love to every child no matter what, no matter how unwanted the pregnancy, each and every child should be shown love and respect. Every child should know that he is valued. As for the second slogan used by the pro-choice to have your child killed lobby it is decidedly not a mother’s body that is harmed by abortion it is the other human being involved whose life is lost.

As you can see there are many reasons why I am pro-life, but the overarching reason I am pro-life is because pro-life philosophy is the foundation for all human rights. Every right is meaningless if it cannot be exercised. No right can be exercised without the right to life.

-Brock SchmelingOffice Manager

Vision Statement

The vision of the North Dakota Right to Life Association is that all vulnerable persons in our society are protected throughout the span of their lives from conception to natural death. It is our vision that all euthanasia and abortion be ended and that every person's attitude and commitment changes to a fervent respect for all innocent human life.

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